Immerse yourself

Discover our live music yoga experience in flawless movements and amazing beats, hip hop, DJ mixing, live voice, saxophone and percussion all interspersed with beautiful language, guidance and instruction. Vinyasa, Breath and Focus, as well as our Drishti Beats music, will leave you in a blissful state. Walk away with higher intention and inspiration to grow your own practice or just enjoy the yoga class experience that Drishti Beats delivers.

Drishti Beats Yoga has two distinct components:

The first is our live band yoga class experience found at many Yoga Festivals and Music Festivals around the world. We are the Live Music Yoga Class Provider for many festivals and are committed to delivering a beautiful yoga class journey for festival goers.

The second is the Drishti Beats yoga classes that our many Drishti Beats certified yoga teachers provide to their yoga communities. Through our unique and distinct Yoga Teacher Training we have unleashed gorgeous teachers to provide fantastic yoga class experiences to the communities they serve.

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