Drishti Beats specializes in downtempo, chill, electronic production perfect for finding your bliss. Over the past five years, the Drishti Beats live band has been leaving its mark on the festival circuit with their powerful, one of a kind, live sets incorporating their music into a yoga class journey. The music production, along with masterful yoga teachings, create an experience of dynamic vibes and yoga flow.

Drishti Beats
” A true gem nestled among the massive line up at Mysteryland 2019 is an act that is always a must-see.”



  • Hidden Temple (Coming Winter 2019)
  • Oasis (2019)
  • Waterfall (2019)
  • Vitality (Axel Thesleff Remix) (2019)
  • You Feel It Too (Edamame Remix) (2019)
  • You Feel It Too (2018)
  • It’s All Good (2018)
  • It's All About The Music (2017)
  • Defeat Gravity (2017)
  • Mellow (2017)
  • Paradise High (2017)
  • Integration (2016)
  • Breathe, Relax, Flow (2016)
  • Golden Voice (2015)
  • Santoor Chop (2015)
  • Vitality (2015)
  • Relieve The Stress (2015)
  • Time Flies (2015)
  • Journey(2015)
  • Journey(Clozze Remix) (2015)

Performances and Appearances

  • Electric Daisy Carnival - Las Vegas, NV
  • Lightning In A Bottle - Bradley, CA
  • Mysteryland U.S.A - Bethal Woods, NY
  • Mysteryland - Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands
  • Sonic Bloom - Hummingbird Ranch, CO
  • Arise Music Festival - Loveland, CO
  • Elements Music & Art Festival - Lakewood, PA
  • Enchanted Forest Gathering - Laytonville, CA
  • Floyd Yoga Jam - Floyd, VA
  • Yoga On The Mountain, Snowmass, CO
  • Telluride Yoga Festival - Telluride, CO
  • Steamboat Movement Fest - Steamboat, CO
  • Yoga Expo, Vancouver, Los Angeles

" As the sun’s golden rays began to stretch long over the lush greenery surrounding Mysteryland, Drishti’s sounds washed over the packed Healing Garden stage. As attendees found their zen amongst the madness, Drishti carried the vibe perfectly as day turned to night. "

— Logan Garrison, EDM Identity, Mysteryland 2019

A true gem nestled among the massive line up at Mysteryland 2019 is an act that is always a must-see.


Drishti Beats create emotional, communal experience by blending chill electronic music and community focus.


The unique focus of this family of musicians, instructors, DJs, vocalists and rappers offers a music experience like no other that is specifically tailored to yoga.


Eloquently fusing together deep downtempo, chill electronic, and middle eastern-influenced melodies, Drishti Beats provides a powerful energetic feel-good vibe.

~ Dailybeat.com

The combination of community focus and electronic music makes Drishti Beats a natural fit for the world of EDM.


A unique blend of downtempo electronic music, smooth vocals, hip hop beats and sax that, when combined with gooey Vinyasa sequencing, would allow people to immerse themselves completely into the movement.