Lori has transformed her life’s work and experience in the Fitness & Wellness industry into a yoga teacher training platform unlike any other.  In 2013, she began in earnest to focus on Yoga as her preferred path to elevating her physical and spiritual health.  She immersed herself into the development of a unique Yoga Teacher Training Model for other like-minded exercise enthusiasts who seek to become strong, competent and knowledgeable yoga teachers, no matter where they are in their yoga journey.   Lori’s commitment to teaching Yoga lifestyle techniques has become a stunning reality through both live and online engagement programs, as well as, via the Drishti Beats Music Projects that offer amazing yoga and music experiences to her audiences.   For Lori, Yoga is essential to her own quality of life and she is excited to  share its life affirming power with others.

In 2015 IHRSA awarded Lori the IHRSA Woman Leader Award, celebrating the legacy of Julie Main.