It seems that Alec was born “with headphones on” and for anyone who gets to know him, it is obvious that listening to and generating music is one of his passions!  Even while obtaining undergraduate and multiple graduate college degrees in his other passion, Culinary and Nutrition, Alec has stayed actively involved in the music scene.   Alec grew up in a fitness-oriented family, so it is not surprising that he has integrated all his passions…. music, nutrition and fitness into his multi-faceted life!     His lifelong exposure to exercise combined with his intense educational concentration on the impact of nutrition on a person’s development, led Alec to understand the demands that physical and mental stress can put on the body and the soothing harmony that can be achieved through yoga and music.

Alec develops and performs the mesmerizing musical and rhythmical compositions that integrate breath with movement, so important to Drishti Beats and its Yoga students.   He keeps the momentum fresh and is loving the collaboration of the Drishti Beats artists.