What They Don’t Teach You in Business School: Yoga Principles for Navigating the Corporate World

By Lori Lowell

Mindfulness, meditation, ‘need yoga in your life’, mental work, getting on your mat – these are all the trigger words happening now in the corporate world. When someone in your office states that they meditated for 30 minutes this morning or that they took a yoga class before/after work, you probably start to wonder: “What am I missing?” All of a sudden, it becomes apparent that those who meditate and do yoga are somehow “better in their bodies, brain, work ethic, and style”. Well, that is true. Yoga has been around for 2,000 years and it’s not going anywhere; it’s not a fad. It’s the real deal. Yoga is not only a full-on body workout but a mental massage that brings health, clarity, creative ideas, and vision to life. The corporate world needs more yoga.

Along the way in life, your school, or job, or HR department forgot to tell you how important it is to do yoga. So, maybe now you are a little behind in the scene. Maybe you, like most people, are afraid to try. You’re too stiff, your back hurts, you can’t do the moves, and all that stuff but, it’s just a story that you’ve created and that little message in your brain is telling you to do this. So let’s get started. Here are some tips:

Ok, meditating may seem weird. Grab your morning coffee or tea, sit comfortably on the couch for 15 minutes and allow the thoughts to come and go. Sit comfortably with your thoughts – that’s meditation. No big deal. Just do it. Once you get used to this maybe you can move to a comfortable, crossed leg floor position without your cup and just light a candle. Take the personal time and be alone without your phone or computer next to you. Feel.

Breathe. It’s so funny that we go to HIIT classes, cycle classes and all the other crazy exercises we do to release our endorphins and feel great which is amazing if you are currently doing it. Take notice that yoga is the only exercise we do where we focus on flexibility, strength, cardio, mind work and, most of all, breath all at the same time. Yoga is the only platform that constantly reminds of us our breath. Remember – life and death, both begin and end with breath. Use your breath to go deeper into everything you do. Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose creating a beautiful filtration in your body. I own eight fitness facilities and it is amazing how many people say, “I don’t have time to do yoga, I need to get my workout in”. I have changed my entire life, corporate thinking, and body through yoga so please, think again. One 60-minute power or milder vinyasa flow yoga class will change your life forever. I don’t only hear it every day, I see it. I have changed a big culture of my fitness community by driving members to yoga – no one regrets it.

All of your great work and ideas will unfold in front of you through yoga exercise and living a yogic lifestyle. Thinking about right food choices and portions, feeling a sun salutation each day, and flowing movement creates flowing thoughts.

Multi-tasking is impossible. Avoid doing it. One thing at a time. One cannot focus on more than one thing at a time to do it right – this is where mistakes happen. If you can shift to that thought process, there will be so much more clarity and light in everything you do. It will matter more. Yoga will help you with this.Vinyasa Flow means “to place something in a specific way”. Bring this into your corporate world. Be graceful in your stride, your space, your communication and your commitment. Listen to your language and lead with a kind heart. Listen and then really listen to your co-workers. Take in your surroundings and make them better, more seamless and more approachable. Love your space and your work. Through breath and being on your mat, this will unfold.

There are a million very inexpensive online apps for yoga, breathing, and meditation. Go buy a mat and just try an app or join a studio. It will change the way you navigate your daily life in the corporate world and put you on top of your game.

Lori Lowell has been serving the fitness and yoga industry for over 25 years. A programming expert, 500-hour ERYT and club owner, Lori understands how to get a member and keep them. Focusing on Drishti Beats, her down tempo electronic chill live band yoga classes, and a myriad of teacher trainings, classes and offerings, Lori is a visionary of creative practice and brand development. Email her at lori@drishtibeats.com