It’s The Small Things That Make a Studio Successful

There are two words that’s meanings are the core essence of a mindful studio. I love these two words, and they are:

  • Inspire 
    • Verb
    • To breathe life into.
  • Support
    • Verb
    • To keep from falling or failing.

I spend much of my time visualizing what a studio should feel like upon enteringand what the experience should be. Yoga is so popular right now and everyone is saying, “I need more yoga in my life.” The question is: How do you capture people to want more of your yoga, and your yoga studio, in their lives?

I visit a lot of yoga studios in addition to having my own within my fitness facilities and the experience from the minute you walk into the door is critical. How do we create the euphoric experience that keeps people coming back for more?

It always begins with the first impression. What does the handle on the entrance door feel like? What is the statement on the door prior to walking in? What does the environment smell like? Does your space transport your visitors to a destination of bliss from the minute they walk in? It is as simple as the music that is playing, the type of pens you use for people to fill out their information, and the small things that bring people to a place they want to be and want to stay.

How easy is the process for the visitor upon entering the studio? Do visitors feel a sense of belonging and that they will be taken care of? All these tiny things are so easy, but can be completely forgotten about when we are in the world of business and making money.

The aforementioned is how you keep your doors open and how you make money, so let’s take a quick look at these simple things.

Ask yourself these questions concerning each “small thing:”

The pen. What does the pen feel like?

The front desk area, where students fill out important paperwork. What does that look like? What does the paper of the forms look like, feel like and what is the color? Are your questions interesting and stated beautifully? Are your clipboards unique?

Seating. Do you have comfortable seats or cushions where people can congregate or fill out information?

Staff. Do you have the appropriate staff? One who is always attentive and another who is managing phones and payments? In other words, are you sure you have the right staff and enough support to manage the classes and be proactive in driving traffic to the space? A mindful studio avoids having people waiting in line, but rather feeling they have a place to go to for class prep, not to mentioned being recognized and attended to immediately.

Accessories. Is there an abundance of clean straps and blocks?

Mats. Is the room set up for ease of placing one’s own mat? Are clean, beautiful mats available for those who don’t have their own? Why not let people use complimentary mats, and then encourage purchasing their own at your studio? Maybe state that 10 percent of money collected for the mat goes to a charity or a good cause and put that in place.

Lighting. Is your lighting set for a perfect experience that is mindful and comfortable?

Language. Do you have a language style that is inclusive and mindful and perhaps a studio style of communication that differentiates you from other studios? How do you answer the phone? Is your phone greeting warm and consistent?

Music. Is the music the perfect volume? And if your studio is large, do you have a headset microphone so instructors don’t have to yell? A headset mic enables instructors to use flexion in their voice and still be heard. A whisper in coaching and leading goes a long way. You can’t whisper if you can’t be heard. Think about this. This is important and not a studio’s focus, which takes away from the class experience.

Goodbyes. Upon departure of the first-time guest do you give them a beautiful card stating “next class is on us?” This campaign goes a long way and they will be back as long as the experience is amazing.

We are in the business of mindful blissful experiences. We are in the business of creating “fear of missing out” experiences, where one will do just about anything to avoid missing class, and if they do miss class, we will write to them, hold them accountable and give them encouraging words about attending the next class. If you care and make them feel they belong, they will be back. Everyone wants to feel like they belong to something. Does your vibe present that?

Finally, do you love your instructors? Are they fantastic? Do they believe in and follow your mission and vision?

Be the best studio you can be and pay attention to the small things. Your visitors and members may not remember what you said, but they will always remember the way you made them feel.

We are here as yoga instructors to serve. We are here to inspire and support. We breathe life into our participants and keep them from failing or falling. They need you.  Be there for them.


Lori Lowell is the co-founder of Drishti Beats. Drishti Beats is a downtempo elctronic chill live band who teach yoga all together, combining one beautiful yoga class experience. Have a listen to our latest music track “Paradise High.” Available for download on iTunes and Spotify. Perfect for any yoga playlist or chill listening: For more information visit