Aspen/Snowmass 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

April 17th through June 14th, 2020.

Sign up for Drishti Beats 200 hour Live Yoga Teacher Training with Aaron King and the Drishti Beats Yoga Teacher Trainers at King Yoga Studio in Snowmass, Colorado from Saturday April 17th – Sunday June 14th.  This training is held every weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am – 6pm for 8 weekends.  160 hours of live training and 40 Hours of online supported training will provide a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate accredited through the Yoga Alliance. All trainees will not only experience our live on-site training but will also have all online content available to them for continual review and greater knowledge to ensure success.

Our training team comes from a myriad of backgrounds including leaders in the fitness/yoga industry, medically based professionals, teachers, and curriculum developers, all with strong yoga practices. The training allows participants to explore all the possibilities that become open to them as they embark on the new profession of becoming a 200 hour qualified yoga teacher.

The on-site yoga teacher training explores:

Taking and teaching Vinyasa Flow Classes. In each online session you will  begins with a yoga class video, with our outstanding staff of instructors, that will enhance your yoga knowledge, poses, and flows. Our online classes is  a great way to set the state for an exciting session of learning ahead.

Meditation.  Learn various meditation techniques throughout the training and create the habit of daily meditation and practice forever.

Yoga Philosophy and History. Dive deep into yoga philosophy and historical perspectives in our fun and engaging online learning environment.

Anatomy and physiology. An in-depth learning experience on the anatomy of the body and its relation to yoga poses. Having a better understanding of anatomy will enhance your teaching ability.

Pranayama. Learn about the breath and various forms of breathing we use in yoga.

Assisting. Through the training, trainees will learn hands on assisting of students. Learn how “to see” your students and provide proper verbal and hands on assists and coaching.

Coaching. Learn the skills to become a fabulous yoga teacher, coach, and leader. Learn inclusive language techniques to ensure successful experiences for all participants.

Music. We can help and guide you in  creating the playlists and music that are best for you and your classes. This portion of the training is a game changer as you will understand how music works, how to create amazing playlists, and heighten the experience of your students, with your music choices, as well as the flow of your music.  Lot’s of one on one discussion will help ensure your fantastic music selection.

Inversions.  An in-depth training on the “how to” of getting upside down. Learning safety in coaching, assisting, and executing inversion through our fun “inversion” workshops.

Got a question?

Sequencing. Understand sequencing a class for success to include proper preparation moving through poses, as well as, prepping to introduce peak poses. Build your library of beautiful flows.

Mantras, Mudras, Dharma, and Kriyas.  Take a deep dive into these aspects of yoga and walk away with a full journal of ideas to include in your classes. This will further educate and motivate your students, as well as yourself.

Yoga Nidra.  Experience this yogic sleep practice that is an immensely powerful meditation technique.

The business of Yoga. Learn from the most experienced fitness and yoga studio owners in the industry. Our trainers will take you through a complete guide from finding a yoga space all the way to your opening and sustaining a successful yoga studio.

Restorative Yoga.  Experience the slowing down and opening of your body through passive stretching.

Yin Yoga.  Experience this slow-paced style of yoga by holding poses for longer periods of time.

Sound Healing.  Journey into the power of musical frequencies and tones for mental and spiritual healing with vocal guidance.

Rocket Yoga. Learn how Rocket yoga is designed to make the physically demanding Ashtanga Yoga more accessible. It breaks down the rigidity of the classical Ashtanga practice in a fun energizing and successful way.

Take a personal journey by daily journaling and self-awareness exercises to enhance your life and find joy in all that you do. Learn the art of giving and accepting feedback and enhance your own self development.

Become authentic in your teaching and your life. Become 100% present and find your spiritual connection with yourself and others.
Ongoing community and learning is available through our online courses and continuing education menu of options to stay current in your certification.

Spend some time in the beautiful mountains of Aspen/Snowmass Colorado as you find your bliss and become a beautiful, knowledgeable, and well-versed yoga teacher, or join us simply to enhance your yoga practice and  knowledge.

We offer two flexible payment options with no interest and no additional fees.

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From $699.75/mo